Tech-driven and Human centred future kits for the young minds, gearing them up for the Fourth Industrial revolution

The company is driven by a passionate group that wants to nurture kids for the future.
As Coding will become an essential part of the future the Emotional Quotient also will need a balance.

Keeping this in mind the company provides an amazing learning opportunity by doing it practically. C for Coding is an initiative to reach the unreached between the age group 12 to 16 years, that will help them learn coding and EQ in a simple and gamified manner.

We aim to instill Tech and EQ skills in the kids, even those who do not have access to computers and/or the internet.

Self sustainable multilevel touch and feel kits based on curated content. Affordable & Interdisciplinary solution to existing pain points.

State of the art methodology to impart knowledge of IQ & EQ offering more affordable solutions. The live training and kits provide the child with soft skill learnings for their overall development.


Our Team

Ms. Suwarna Surlakar


Mr. Vaibhav Naik

Quality & Production

Dr. Chinmay Phadnis

Chief Technology Officer
Business & Development

Mr. Arafath Ahamed

Chief Strategy Officer
Suwarna Surlakar (ME I.T) Founder and Director of FunMinds Learning Tech Pvt. Ltd.
With 10+ years of experience in the field of Information Technology, as assistant professor and Entrepreneur.

Vaibhav Naik not only does Vaibhav's experience in production helps the company largely to give better experience to the customers, but it also demonstrates his expertise as an engineer. His role in the company speaks not just what he does, but why he does it, in an easily digestible way. Being able to express his values as a creative professional in such a well-organized manner is something our company and our customers will benefit.

Chinmay Phadnis is a Physicist and a Ph.D. by education. He has worked in Academic-Research for 10+ years. He is working as a consultant for Cactus Communications, India and with FunMinds Learning Tech.

Arafath Ahamed is a B.Com. with an experience of 10+ years in handling Corporate and small business accounts and a brief experience of HR. Is also a certified NLP Master Practitioner. Currently self employed as a Life Coach and Trainer and also offers Consultation services for FunMinds Learning Tech Pvt. Ltd.